2 Games for Upper Elementary Students


2 Games for Upper Elementary Students

Shangai Chicken
a great song found in the "Erdie 150 American Folksongs"
a great game to teach the rhythm 'ti-tom'

This game is adapted from one I learned from Nancy Johnson. 

You Need
an egg shaker for every child

First game is with partners 
(I choose their music partners and they are permanent for 4 months at a time)
Students keep a steady beat with the egg shakers
on the 'hoodays' each child throws their egg in the air.
On the very last 'hooday' they toss the egg to their partner

This is what the game looks like with partners

After the partner game has been mastered, try groups of 4.
on the last "hooday" toss the egg to the right.
This is what practice looks like (a little chaotic)

When it is 'finished'

This is a Polish version of "Oboshinotentoten" collected by Minnesota Ethnomusicologist 
Bob Walser. 
The children have a tendency to Americianize and vary the lyrics even after they have been taught phonetically!
 The lyrics are a list of Polish foods and instead of being 'out' on numbers, they are out on the word "chek" which happens three times at the end of the song.

(in phonetic Minnesotan)
"Chatlak patlak you soo are lak
kermal cherlek you zoo ber lak
Chek, dolstom chek,
Amanem dolstom chek!


  1. I've never used "Shanghai Chicken," but it looks so fun! I will definitely have to add that into my repertoire! :)

  2. I've used Shanghai chicken but never knew the game!!! Love it!!! Thank you!!

  3. We do a passing game with the egg shakers but this looks fun!


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