Favorite Singing Games for Lower Elementary

Hi everyone, this is Sue! In my last post I shared games for upper elementary students. Below I have shared of my students' favorites in the lower elementary

Las Estatues De Marfil

Collected from Bob Walser

(a few notes)
  • A great free movement in space activity as well as improvisation
  • Accessable multicultural song for young children
  • Even if you only have 1 minute for a game this works well-you can still get in several turns!

In A Circle Dance Now
Collected from Jos Wytok
(a few notes)
  • A wonderful example and physical practice of AB form
  • A section is improvised, the B section is great for working together as one group
  • Is in do pentachord-kids may be young but need to be singing 1/2 steps in their early music experiences as well.
Link to In a Circle Notation

Cobbler, Cobbler
Ann Kay/Leigh Ann Garner
(a few notes)
  • This variant of the song also is out of the tritone and uses 1/2 steps in appropriate places early music experiences
  • Great practice for steady beat
  • The original game is for shoe passing-seriously? K and Grade 1?  LeighAnn Garner modified it to just keeping the steady beat with the shoe and only passing it on the word 'eight'
  • The other BRILLIANT thing she did was to NOT have the kids use their own shoes (ever try to get shoes back on a bunch of Kinders and first graders? *shudder*)
  • I used my old shoes (the ones that were not even worth donating) Collect them from parents and let the fun begin!
  • BTW-These shoes work great for upper grade shoe games as well-(avoids that pleasant 'odor' from growing kids)


  1. In my last post I shared games for upper elementary students. media player to download

  2. I was trying to find the notation for Las Estatues De Marfil and the link seems to be broken.


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