First Days of Music Class Using "Animoto"

It's the first week of school. Like many of you I have 10 classes a day and the first class meeting always includes learning rules and routines.  B-O-R-I-N-G! So I needed to find a way to efficiently convey important information in an engaging manner and then not think to yourself "Did I just say this?"
Our tech teacher introduced me to "Animoto". A really cool way to create videos just using graphics, pictures and text with music either you can upload, or use music from the "Animoto" files. 
Sounds complicated?  Not so good and faithful Kodaly teacher.  I am going to enable you by
  • Sharing 3 different exemplars to assist in giving you ideas
  • Sharing a YouTube link on how to create a free  (a favorite word of elementary music teachers) "Animoto" education account.
  • Sharing a YouTube link on how to create your first video.
Video 1 Introduction to Routines and Expectations
Taking the "Boring" out of the dispensation of necessary information.  We are a "7 Habits" School where we use the "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" embedded into our school culture, and so they are universally used by all staff throughout their classroom and lessons as you can see in the second part of this presentation.

Video 2 Introduction to Music Class-Grade 1
Before this school year, music education started in Grade 1.  These kids have never had a music class and did not know even what to expect.  I created this video to help first graders get the "Big Picture" of music class.   In this case, I actually read the text to the kids during the video because most are just beginning to read and the text goes quickly.


Video 3 Getting Kids Fired Up for Lincoln Choir
This video actually improved the participation in getting first year choir members.  Many kids can be intimidated by the unknown and this helps them get an idea of what it means to be in choir.  I even use the PE teacher and a 4th grade teacher who are active musicians and sing in the community.  I follow up by handing out information for choir to go home to parents.  I also post this video and the information on the music classroom blog. (This is last year's video-I am still editing this year's)

Ready to try it?
 Here's the link to set up a free account for educators (everyone else pays a monthly fee)

Video Link for setting up an "Animoto" account

Here's the link to show you how to make your first video!

Video Link Tutorial for Animoto

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